About Nomadic Tapestry

Nomadic Tapestry was established in 2005 from a desire to create and grow a community of dancers and musicians who would develop and share their passion for middle-eastern dance and drumming. Focusing on participation in technique classes, intensive workshops, and regularly scheduled rehearsals would enable the dance and music to grow and flourish. We just needed a dedicated space for classes! The goal was to offer students good consistant technique classes for developing dancers into skilled and spirited dancers that would respectfully and passionately represent this beautiful dance form.

Belly dance is a fun way to exercise, strengthen your core, feel good about yourself, and have fun with friends. Our studio welcomes participants of all ages, sizes, and genders. Dance and music should be enjoyed and experienced by everyone. As your knowledge of this dance form grows, you will discover the uniqueness of each culture’s influence and how the music flows and enriches belly dance in a myriad of special ways.

Please come take beginning to intermediate classes. There is a class and style for everyone. Technique classes are designed to strengthen, challenge, and inspire you to want to learn more. Classes range from classic cabaret to tribal fusion. You can take Classic Cabaret, ATS, Choreography, Zills, Sword, and Veil, as they are all rotated into the schedule throughout the year. Bollywood, Yoga, and Martial Arts for Dancers will be rotated in and out of the schedule of classes.

Interested students can join our student troupe, Nomadic Fringe. The student troupe is open to any dedicated student who learns the basics, wishes to perform, and is enrolled in Unlimited Classes. Regular attendance is a must for continued participation in both troupes. Lumani Dance Theatre is our performance troupe. 


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